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    Default The ICE ICE BABY Top 5

    Here are my five favorite picks from yesterday's data dump. I will buy one of these tomorrow...which one do you like, and why?:

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    Hereís my take:

    Excellent financials. Good growth story. Beat estimates 8 quarters in a row, On track for a good 2021. Chart looks strong with uptrend that started in November of last year. May be in the middle of a slight pullback, however, so there may be some draw down.
    Grade: A-

    Excellent financials. Great growth in revenue and earnings. Beat estimates in seven straight quarters. Chart is strong with solid uptrend. Like LEN, it might be in the midst of a slight pullback.
    Grade: A-

    Excellent financials. Good growth in both revenue and earnings. Beat estimates in 5 of last 6 quarter. The chart is a little iffy. It is basing at the high, which is very bullish, but it has been basing there since early February, which is not good. Nevertheless, it does look poised to move higher, as MACD is swinging positive.
    Grade: A-


    Excellent financials. Good growth in revenue, and excellent growth in earnings. Beat Estimates in 6 of last 8 quarters. Chart is choppy and volatile, but stock is in uptrend. Looks like an ascending triangle has formed on daily with breakout possible above 62. Could be in the midst of a modest pullback.
    Grade: A-

    Excellent financials. Good growth in revenue, excellent growth in earnings. Beat estimates in 8 of last 9 quarters. Chart is in strong uptrend. In the midst of a modest pullback.
    Grade: A-

    So basically, itís take your pick. These all look about equally strong. If I had to pick just one, it would probably be LEN.
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    I see a theme in these. The homebuilding business is obviously booming, since 4/5 of these are in that sector. But you need a bank to fund all these homebuilders, and so there you are, with MCB... My favorite of the homebuilders here is MHO, because it's got a P/E of 7, which is still cheap, especially for a company growing its earnings by 10%+ every year!

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