CVM ( CEL_TECH) makes Flu and Cancer Vaccines, and with all the MASS HYSTYERIA by Team Obama and The UN ....CVM should FLY!
Yes we will have flu .....but nothing on the scale predicted by these pessimists. Remember Y2K and all the BS surrounding that.....and what actually happened? NOTHING, NADA, NANGOON! The same with all this nonsense, but it does not mean we cannot make money off of this Rom Emmanual Obama's advisor always says....."Never Let A Crisis go to waste"

Read this post by a yahoo poster: He comments on CVM!

Been trading for 25+years and... 18-Sep-09 10:04 pm This is not a "pump and dump"
Why? The underwriting firm is well known and to place 20 million shares with an aggregate value of approximately $25 million means that this stock is headed a whole lot higher.

People who do venture capital (which this would be considered as) are very, very smart people. They don't just line up and throw $25 million on the floor when the CEO is holding a 5 gallon can of gas in one hand and a lit flare in the other!

These people look at every possible scenario and demand 90%+ certainty in what they are investing in and/or a compounded rate of return of 40-50% return on their money for atleast the next 3 years! So, we are looking at the real deal here of having a better than high 90's percent chance of something huge...especially because: 1)the company is using the money to fund phase III trials of a head and neck cancer therapy (of which there are virtually no effective therapies due to the fact chemo or radiation is not a viable treatment for brain tumors)and; 2) they most likely discovered that in phase II trials that the experimental compound produced an immune resoponse so significant that an untargeted effect totally killed any exsisting infections that were present in the test subjects.
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With the findings of what I outlined in number 2, I believe, they had a "a ha!" moment.

They realized that they could make a hundred of million using the compound results they achieved in phase II trials in treating current infections that would normally be terminal in hospital patients that die every year (normally, 40,000)from flu related/induced infections that had proven themselves to be resistant to all current antibiotic protocols.

But, in order for them to produce the compound in question in mass quantities to realize the future revenues and complete phase III trials; they had to sell only 10% of the company (based upon the market capitalization at the time of the deal). This would insure a very nice profit for the venuture capitalists and for the company...a product they could make a lot of money off of currently; enough money to complete phase III trials of a compound they are very certain will be a "mega block buster" and, most importantly...a bullet-proof patent on the compound and process.

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