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    cashmaker Guest

    Wink Cashmaker's hot stocks and trading

    Why bother to invest those high volatile penny stocks with no fundermental value, you won't have a good night sleep and worry the stocks all the day by sticking to the computer screen. Invest your money into good companys will save you a lot of trouble. Most of my picks are conservative stocks with great upper space and lower risk level, I use Valueline, ValueEngine, MorningStar, S&P Report, First Call, and more for research that can hedge me the downside risk. All my picks here are my actual positions, I am not fooling anybody here. Hope everybody make tons of cash.
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    Comment on GMTN, buy signal.

    Attention GMTN tomorrow. GMTN today didn't go down under 20MA line, on the contrary, it met strong support on the 20MA line which is approximate $13 level. From I-watch, these day large institution activities found. From public info, I can not find any reason why Institution increase their holding, but there must be someting brewing. Don't forget GMTN will open a lot of new store during April and May, check their website.

    So whenever the news about new store established out in either newspaper or magazine, it will attract more investor. This is a low float and strong FA company, any increase volume will push it much higher. My shorterm target is $15 in the next several weeks. These days showing no volume because people are worry about the 20MA support point, now it already establish, will see uptrend from now on.

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    Thank you Cashmaker! Welome! Nice move on NGPS...missed it while I was at work.

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    Thanks Cashmaker. Welcome!

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    Thanks Cash,

    It will be a lot easier to read your multiple posts by only having to scroll up and down.

    I welcome your comments/analysis.

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    Great info, Cash. I'm looking forward to more of your posts.

    "Whatever you can do or dream you can , begin it. Boldness has genius,power and magic in it." Goethe

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    Quote Originally Posted by cashmaker
    Thanks for comment and suggestion. Since I am new here, I do not realize I have to keep in one thread. Today I received notice from Webmaster relate to my multi-thread posting. In the future, I will keep in one thread. Any comment and critique and suggestion are welcome.
    Well, just to dot the i: you don't *have* to keep to one thread. Only there are cases when it makes sense to do so.

    Say a member wants to post on a stock. Then it makes sense to search the board for that ticker and join the discussion about that stock. If there isn't a discussion already, that member could start a new thread. The only problem is when a heavy poster starts new threads for a lot of tickers all at the same time. That takes up a lot of real estate on the first page of the forum, and other members want to be able to see their dirty fingerprints there too. Then it makes sense to consolidate your posts, like you did, after some gentle suggestions.

    Another thing: I am not a lawyer, but I don't think that a "this is not advice" disclaimer works when you say "add more XYZ here". If I were the law, I would give the actual action preference over the stated intention. If you really want to entertain the board, it is perhaps wiser just to state what you do, or would like to do, and in general to refrain from any advice-like statements. It is doubtful that you would get in trouble because of a post on this board, but it never hurts to be consistent.

    Welcome, and have fun,

    My Investopedia portfolio
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    cashmaker Guest

    Default NGPS open weak, wait for the signal. CGTK premarket up 2.56%, nice move

    NGPS open weak, wait for the signal. no much buying, waiting for the entry, now seems sell order larger han buy.CGTK premarket up 2.56%, nice move

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    cashmaker Guest

    Default NGPS may need soem adjust today. It has been up for several straight days. I believe

    NGPS may need soem adjust today. It has been up for several straight days. I believe I will pull back some, at least at the beginning. May go bacl to 21

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    cashmaker Guest

    Default Attention: Oil price increased 40 cents within 5 minute. watch the Market

    Attention: Oil price increased 40 cents within 5 minute. watch the Market

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