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    Quote Originally Posted by tiedyed1 View Post
    Call me old, but I have been lurking here regularly (occasionally chiming in) and survive without ever having a Facebook account.
    I've also never had a FB account, and feel perfectly fine about that decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiesen View Post
    I've also never had a FB account, and feel perfectly fine about that decision.
    I even have a Twitter.... No snapchat or any of that cooler stuff though.

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    DRLL is kicking booty.

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    The world of crypto keeps sucking me in. Web3, NFT's, ens domains, etc....

    I remember when bitcoin was new and it was only a few dollars per bitcoin. A trading buddy of mine was getting into mining and told me that I needed to buy bitcoin, because it was going to be huge. I actually decided to throw a couple hundred dollars at it. I went to open a crypto account and it started asking for personal info that I didn't feel comfortable giving out, so I dropped the idea and went about my way.

    Had I opened that account, bought the bitcoin, and held it for a few years, I'd be a rich mofo now. Looking back though, I would have most likely sold my bitcoin before the big gains hit.

    I'm thinking that NFT's, web3 and ens domains may very well be the next bitcoin type opportunity. Not that I really need it, but a nice carbon emitting, private jet would be a lot of fun to have.

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