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    Default The Avengers Top 5

    Here are my 5 favorite stocks from the most recent data dump...which one do you like?


    I will buy one of these this week!
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    For these 5, the question is: Do you want a Big Bank or a Tiny Bank? If Big: RILY or MCB if Tiny: LEVL or MRKB.

    If you already have a bunch of banks, then your only choice is FTLFD (that's what I like, and that's why).

    That said, it's really hard to say Fit Life is a good pick, since it's so so tiny of a company, and the information on it is scant. I'd pick it, but hopefully after some vetting is done to make sure the numbers they've achieved so far are for real, and not just smoke and mirrors. On the surface, and by the chart/finances they look like a rocketship on the way to the moon!

    However, if that's not the pick I'd say RILY is the best of the banks. It's the least mortgage-linked (and so less linked to the other RE/mortgage bank stocks we already own) and so a better fit with the rest of the $$MM stock portfolio.

    And MCB has the best 1 year chart.

    Tough to call, but for me:
    1) FTLFD
    2) RILY
    3) MCB
    4-5) tied: LEVL and MRBK

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    For what itís worth, my pick would be RILY with a caveat. The revenue and earnings growth for RILY have been spectacular, but the caveat is that I am not crazy about the current charting pattern for an entry. Itís in a sight pullback after a recent high, but the topping tails are a little worrisome and there is very little support at current price levels. This could easily pull back to its base around $75 depending on the market, which has been a bit testy of late.

    As for the other stocks, they are all too low in volume for me to recommend. I donít trust low volume stocks to follow charting patterns because a single large order can skew everything. Exiting them can be tricky too, especially on a slow day. I recently day traded a low volume stock with a decent size order, and it was very difficult to get myself extricated without driving the price down because there simply werenít enough buy orders. I should have know better than to day trade a low volume stock like that, but I liked the pattern. I wonít make that mistake again.

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    My pick is MCB based on market cap, earnings and sales projections, and a fine looking chart. FTLFD is too small for a HUGE ONE pick. LEVL, MRBK, RILY are a tossup.


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