I have 28 consecutive profitable trades of 15% or better. How is this possible? Every day there are hundreds of stocks setting new highs, no matter what happens in the overall market. Many of these stocks are still at very reasonable valuations. Afraid of buying stocks at their highs? Think of it this way: a new high is really a future floor for companies with solid financial underpinnings. Quantitative momentum modeling makes it easy to identify stocks that can continue this upward momentum trend. Why does this happen? It's really very simple..ask me about what investors and cows have in common. I am $$$ MR. MARKET $$$. I AM HUGE!!! Bring me your finest meats and cheeses. You can join in on the fun. Register for free and you'll be able to post messages on this forum and also receive emails when $$$ MR. MARKET $$$ makes his own trades. ($$$MR. MARKET$$$ is a proprietary investor and does not provide individual financial advice. The stocks mentioned on this forum do not represent individual buy or sell recommendations and should not be viewed as such. Individual investors should consider speaking with a professional investment adviser before making any investment decisions.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jiesen View Post
    and sold the rest today at 11.2, and a $2 profit on these shares of INTZ. That's better than a 15% gain on my INTZ in less than a week!
    Thanks again for finding this little gem, $$MM!! YOU ARE HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE!!!!

    Just look at INTZ go! less than a year after $$$MM picked it at $6, it's now trading around $24! Had the POTY gone the full year (until 2/1) perhaps $$MM would have taken all the meats and cheeses for this contest... and there's one stock I sure wish I had let run for a bit longer.

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    Last year, I picked NIO as my PotY choice. It pretty much plummeted for the whole year and I ended up at -49%. This year, NIO opened at $3.54 on Feb 1 and closed at $48.78 on December 31 for a whopping 1378% gain! Hows that for being in the right place at the wrong time. I had a hunch about that stock, but I never put any real money on it. What a knucklehead.

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