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    Default Pick of the Year 2010

    Welcome Everyone !

    This here is the Pick of the Year contest. Rules are simple, pick the best stock before February 1st that you intend to ride to the very end of the year. The stock with the highest % gain by the end wins. No changes are allowed after the February 1st deadline, specifics below:


    1. Entries can be made anytime between now and February 1st at 9:29am.
    2. Short and long entries are allowed
    3. You cannot pick the same stock as someone else
    4. Open prices on February 1st will be used as your entry price for the year.
    5. You can change your pick any number of times between now and until February 1st at 9:29am.
    6. Only stocks listed on Google Finance will be allowed
    7. There will be 3 winners, though technically two. As anyone who wins a will win another category.
    a) Best ROI by the end of the year
    b) Best ROI by the end of the year with an intial buy price < $2
    c) Best ROI by the end of the year with an intial buy price > $2

    I've opening this under the correct thread name to avoid confusion. Rules are pretty simple and I'm open to any changes to them up until January 24th. Otherwise they will be locked after that point.

    All entries from the previous thread will be noted and entered accordingly as if they were entered here. And good luck ! Some very awesome picks last year by everyone !! Should start our own portfolio with picks like that

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    JBII - long

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    EGT long please. Thanks

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    I'm going for PERY (long) this year thnx

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    Default Imax

    I am going for IMAX long!!!!

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    Arrow Rby long


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    So can we enter two picks?.... one <$2.... and one >$2...?
    BEEF!... it's whats for dinner!

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    hmmmm.... well, we can do that if everyone is in agreement. You can have 2 picks, 1 above $2 and 1 less than $2 if you would like

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    my less than $2 stock pick is MMG

    my greater than $2 stock pick is GLNG

    Both are long positions. Thanks!
    Hide not your talents.
    They for use were made.
    What's a sundial in the shade?

    - Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
    You can have 2 picks, 1 above $2 and 1 less than $2 if you would like
    So, if I find one that's exactly $2.00, can I have three picks?

    heh, heh .... hey, I'm just kidding. If I come up with one by the end of the month, I'm only going to pick one. I'm in favor of keeping things as simple and as clear-cut as possible.

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