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    Default Can anybody help with XML??

    Hi all,

    My dad and I have a financial website and currently input all the prices of our holdings in our portfolios after market close each day by hand. Well there are five portfolios and about 7-10 holdings in each portfolio so this can get kind of tedious. Our web designer said we could look for an XML feed to feed into our website so all it would take to update would be a click of a mouse. But then of course he says we have to find it . . . I am no web genius.

    Does anyone know a free XML feed for stock quotes that could be used in this fashion?



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    Snowden is kind of in between jobs right now , and he was one hell of a programmer. He could have solved your problem. . All joking aside, perhaps you should advertise in the Harvard , MIT or Princeton school publications , I am sure one of the brilliant students could probably help you out!

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    Here is a link to a rather offbeat mathematician


    He has literally hundreds of sample spreadsheets that will download information for you. Good luck.

    Tim - Retired Problem Solver

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    while I am not sure of the exact feed you want, RSS is XML formatted. So, any RSS feed with the stocks such as putting the portfolio on yahoo should do it. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rssindex/

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