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    Default CNXS Sold ==> 24 consecutive winners for $$$MR. MARKET$$$

    I am going on record right now with an official declaration. I am HUGE! Today I sold CNXS at 37. That’s a 23% gain over my purchase price of 30.15 back in September 2005. Can you do that? You? YOU? YOU?? All I do is pick winners. I am happy. I am huge and happy. I am hugely happy. I am happily huge. I stuck with CNXS because it was a great company with a great product and had earnings earnings earnings. While the cowards sold off with the rest of the lemmings, $$$MR. MARKET$$$ stuck to what he knows….nothing beats earnings earnings earnings.

    I have 19 inch biceps and 24 consecutive profitable trades. There is no one who can claim to be a better stock picker than I can lose a dozen golf balls, shoot 126 for a round of golf and not say a bad word. I can eat a plate of spaghetti and leave it on my desk for a month just to see what happens to it.

    The best news is that I have about 7 open positions in my portfolio, so there will be a plethora of $$$MR. MARKET$$$ picks coming in the next few weeks. It will be a $$$MR. MARKET$$$ meteor shower except my picks will go up, unlike meteors which go down.

    Do you like $$$MR. MARKET$$$? If so tell me about it, and send this email to 3 of your friends.

    I am HUGE!

    $$$MR. MARKET$$$


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    09-12-2005, 12:54 PM
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    CNXS ==> The Back to School Winner

    You know when you are going to have one of those nights. You show up at the football tailgate wearing the jersey of your favorite team with your face painted in the appropriate colors. You breathe in deep tasting that crisp autumn air bathed in the bright blue sky then you crack open that first can of beer and it is so cold and delicious you can’t believe how good your life is. Then you drink about 100 of those beers and eat all kinds of sausages and chicken wings.

    During the game you drink more beer and eat all kinds of hot dogs and popcorn. Your team wins, and your friends dump you off like a pile of crap onto your front lawn. You crawl into bed at 8 pm, knowing that the 10 hours of sleep will have you fresh as a baby for your Monday morning staff meeting.

    Unfortunately something goes awry during the night. Every time you start to fall asleep, your wife gives you a karate kick to the ribs to wake you up. Just as you enter sandman again, you get another flying elbow drop to the head from your beloved spouse. After what seems like an 8 hour Texas Death match in your kings sized bed, you wearily drag your carcass to the bathroom for your morning shower and shave routine. How could something so good, turn out to be so bad?

    In a recently released British survey, 81% of partners of snorers said they don't get a good night's sleep and are constantly tired making them less likely to be intimate with their partners. The British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association surveyed 1,013 men and women and reported about one-third of couples admitted to hardly ever having sex because one of the partners snored. Two-thirds of couples said they would have sex more often if the snoring stopped.

    Sharing a bed with a snorer can have negative affects on sleep, health and the quality of life which often causes problems within the relationship including sex. 88% of snorers and 85% of their partners in the study said their relationship would improve if the snoring problem was resolved. As a result, snoring couples often sleep in separate bedrooms. One snorer in the study even reported sleeping in a hammock in a spare room after getting tired of being hit all the time.

    Women are more likely than men to say they did not get enough sleep as a result of sleeping with a snorer. Irritability, shouting, arguing with their partner and making mistakes at work were cited as common problems associated with sleep loss.

    Did you know that the loudest snoring on record was noted in Great Britain with levels as high as 91-92 decibels - that’s louder than a lawmower! Yes once again we must put an end to these “LOUD NOISES!”. Help is on the way. Enter Breathe Right nasal strips.

    CNS Inc, the maker or Breathe Right nasal strips has expanded last year's test of an integrated multimedia campaign designed to attract heavy snoring users. It's called "Get Back in the Sack" and it's all about reuniting couples who've been separated by snoring. The campaign ran regionally in July 2004 and grew nasal strips by 21%. In fact this campaign recently won a Gold EFFIE the industry's award for the year's most effective TV commercials.

    Today I bought CNXS (CNS Inc) at 30.15. I will sell it in 4 to 6 weeks at 34.74. Here’s why I like CNXS:

    CNS, Inc. - the Breathe Right® company - is a consumer health care products company focused on the development and acquisition of strong brands. The company is most recognizable for its core brand of Breathe Right products, including Breathe Right nasal strips, as well as FiberChoice® daily fiber supplements. The company focuses on better breathing and digestive health products that solve consumer problems within the aging well/self-care market.

    CNXS stock is up 183% in the last 12 months, with a PE of only 27.7. It’s chart is truly amazing, with a rock solid steady climb that $$$MR. MARKET$$$ loves to see:

    This chart has tested positive for anabolic steroids. CNXS’s 12 month r-squared is 0.91 and its 6 month r-squared is 0.91. It is nothing more than pure unmitigated price momentum. And why not? All CNS Inc does is make money, growing its earnings and revenues in the process. CNS also has been buying back stock and pays a dividend. How does this earnings machine work?

    Earnings are growing steadily over the past five years along with revenue reported. Free cash flow is positive and growing, the balance sheet is stout, and valuations appear reasonable.

    Here’s a quote from Dr. Titan Omega, a world reknown respected physician: “Time marches on... The baby boomers are reaching fossil status. Soon all they will be think about is sleeping and taking a good crap. Most elderly no longer share a bed, most say it is due to their life partner snoring. Slap on a Breathe Right strip and you are back in the saddle. My grandfather knew he was going to have a great day based on the size of his morning constitutional, pass the FiberChoice and double flush!”

    The story of Breathe Right:

    Trouble Breathing at Night
    Bruce Johnson, the inventor of Breathe Right® nasal strips, has always had trouble breathing through his nose, especially at night. Besides suffering from an array of allergies, Bruce has a deviated septum, a structural abnormality of the nose that constricts airflow through one nostril. This combination left his nose chronically congested and made sleeping most nights an impossible dream.

    Inadequate Relief
    Bruce tried medicated nasal sprays for relief, but soon became addicted to them. In fact, when the medication wore off, his congestion worsened. Bruce resorted to sticking things up his nose to keep his nostrils flared and his nasal airway open. He tried everything -- from padded paper clips and shortened straws to custom wire forms and small tubes. But these makeshift props often fell out of his nose or irritated his nasal passages.

    A Homemade Solution Works
    Lying in bed one night in 1988, in the wake of yet another unsuccessful experiment, he wondered, "Why not try opening the nasal passages mechanically from the outside of the nose?" His answer, after three years of tinkering, took the form of a springloaded adhesive strip that he placed across the bridge of his nose to open it up. The device relieved his congestion and improved his sleep quality dramatically.

    Sharing His Idea with CNS
    In 1991, Bruce applied for a patent on his brainchild and started looking for a way to have it tested. He called an old colleague who had become an executive at CNS, Inc. The rest, as we like to say, is history.

    CNS was founded in 1982, and Breathe Right was approved 11 years later. CNS has expanded internationally and now sells in 27 countries. CNS is also has tons of cash, with $60 million in the bank. With this powder, they can make some key acquisitions to expand its product line. CNS has no debt. In fact, its cash alone can pay off its current liabilities 3 times over. It has a balance sheet on Breathe Right, very healthy indeed!

    Breathe Right strips enjoy more than a 90 percent share of the U.S. nasal strip market and are the #1 over-the-counter snoring remedy, according to A.C. Nielsen. Breathe Right strips help solve chronic and congestion-related breathing problems. The $1.2 billion chronic congestion market encompasses conditions such as allergies, asthma, sinusitis and congestion-related snoring. For this market, CNS offers Tan and Clear Breathe Right nasal strips to fit the entire family. The $1.4 billion episodic congestion market includes coughs, colds and flu, for which CNS offers Breathe Right mentholated Vapor Strips for colds.

    Breathe Right not only helps snorers, it helps moms-to-be and premier athletes. Much like sports, labor is extremely physical, and respiration plays a crucial role, according to co-author Dr. Yehudah Roth, Director of the Institute of Nose and Sinus Therapy and Clinical Investigations, and Chairman of the Otolaryngology Department at the Edith Wolfson Medical Center in Israel. The study demonstrated for the first time that by lowering airway resistance, regardless of the breathing pattern, one may be assisted during labor. The study reported higher satisfaction for the 90 women using the Breathe Right® nasal strips with no side effects for mother or child.
    "This is one of the few studies conducted on the nose during pregnancy and labor, when major hormonal changes influence regular physiology, including breathing," Roth said. "I'm glad we were able to improve the ease of breathing throughout the process of active labor without any medication by a simple and safe device."

    In 2005, Jerry Rice marks his 21st year as a wide receiver in the NFL®. For most his career, he's also been an avid fan of Breathe Right® nasal strips, which he began sporting during the 1994 season. Soon after, he became the first spokesperson for Breathe Right nasal strips!

    Known for his rigorous off-season conditioning program, Jerry knows Breathe Right strips help him improve his game. A chronic sinus sufferer, he uses the strips to open his nasal passages so he can breathe easier.

    Jerry's stats include most career receptions, career receiving yards, career touchdowns and receiving touchdowns. In addition, he holds Super Bowl™ records for most receptions, receiving touchdowns, total yards and touchdowns. He currently has 22,895 total yards playing in the NFL.

    I would be congested at times, but after I put the strip on, I went out there and was breathing well. I was recuperating faster. Around the fourth quarter when other players were getting tired, I was just getting my second wind.
    - Jerry Rice, Three-Time Super Bowl™ Champion, All-Pro Wide Receiver

    Well, now that Jerry has pushed the retirement button, with his old age he’ll be able to shill CNS’ other great product, Fiber Choice.

    Besides Breathe Right, CNS is pushing its Fiber foods products. Now that Atkins is basically toast, people are going to be jumping back on the carbs train. They will soon learn that fiber is the way to go to control your waistline. According to the new “FiberChoice® Fiber Facts” survey, almost two out of three adults say they would take steps to increase their fiber intake if they thought it would help them control their weight. Unfortunately, most Americans just aren't getting enough of this essential nutrient in their diets.

    “People think fiber may simply aid in digestive health, but it also can help you lose weight because it helps you feel full longer and curbs cravings,” says Leslie Bonci, M.P.H., R.D., L.D.N., author of the American Dietetic Association Guide to Better Digestion and co-author of Total Fitness for Women. “Increasing fiber might be that extra boost you need to stay on track and lose those extra pounds. Increasing fiber intake may also help lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.”
    The recommended adult intake of fiber is 25-30 grams per day. Yet, government studies show that the typical American eats less than half of what they need -- about 12 to 15 grams of fiber per day.

    According to the survey, most Americans (86%) admit they do not keep track of daily fiber intake, yet more than nine out of 10 believe it's either very important or somewhat important to get enough fiber in their diet. Now there are two new convenient and great-tasting options to help Americans bridge the fiber gap. New FiberChoice® Fiber Drops and FiberChoice® sugar-free chewable tablets in Assorted Fruit Flavors offer an easy and tasty way to help reach the recommended 25-30 grams of fiber each day. At 4 grams of fiber per two tablet serving – compared to ½ gram of fiber per competitor capsules and tablets - the FiberChoice® drops and chewable tablets are a great way to get more fiber in your diet and help keep weight management in check.

    The individually wrapped FiberChoice® Fiber Drops are the first ever fiber supplement available in a hard candy form. The drops come in a Tropical Orange flavor that taste as good as candy, are low in sugar and are perfect to keep handy in a purse, desk drawer or glove box. Both the FiberChoice® Fiber Drops and the FiberChoice® sugar-free chewable tablets in Assorted Fruit Flavors contain more soluble dietary fiber per dose than other fiber supplement brands and require no water, so they don't create a mess.
    Then all you need to make life perfect is a Sunday New York times and a cushiony toilet seat to do some thinking and stinking while you kiss those calories good bye. Mmwwaaah!

    CNS Financial Highlights - First Quarter Fiscal 2006
    For the period ended June 30, 2005:
    • Grew first-quarter sales 42% to $23.5 million, driven by strong growth of Breathe Right® and
    FiberChoice® brands
    • Increased first-quarter fully diluted EPS 134% to $0.27
    • Continued strong cash flow and balance sheet; no long-term debt
    • Declared quarterly cash dividend of 6 cents per share
    • Added 1 million shares to the authorized stock repurchase program
    • Raised estimates for record fiscal 2006 sales and earnings per share
    The company delivered strong sales growth in all three product lines including Breathe Right domestic, Breathe Right international and FiberChoice.

    Domestic Breathe Right sales in the fiscal 2006 first quarter grew 22% to $14.7 million compared to prior year sales of $12 million. Domestic nasal strips continued to benefit from strong consumer demand caused by last year's re-launch of clear strips, including a new advertising message.

    International sales of Breathe Right products in the fiscal 2006 first quarter totaled $3.6 million, up 86% versus year-ago sales of $1.9 million. Sales growth resulted from continued strong shipments of nasal strips to Canada and Europe as well as normalized shipments to Japan where CNS reported no revenues during the first half of fiscal 2005 due to high inventory levels in that market.

    Sales of FiberChoice chewable fiber tablets grew 107% to $5.2 million in the first quarter versus $2.5 million in the prior-year period. Sales growth resulted from strengthening consumer demand for the existing orange-flavored tablets as well as initial pipeline shipments of the two new FiberChoice items launched February 2005.

    The gross margin rate for the fiscal 2006 first quarter was 70%, up three full percentage points compared to the prior period. CNS was very pleased by the triple digit growth of their Fiber brand. It now represents 18% of total CNS sales and is well positioned for further growth. Revenue from FiberChoice grew 107% in the June quarter versus the same period last year. This growth represents strong consumer purchases due to their continued advertising support which is now national as well as initial customer shipments of our two new products. In March CNS began shipping new FiberChoice assorted fruit-flavored chewable tablets which are their flavored alternative to the successful orange-flavored product and tropical orange Fiber Drops. The drops are a very unique offering. They're the first ever hard candy lozenge to be sold in the bulk fiber category. Both products deliver the same dose of fiber as the original FiberChoice tablets. The retail introduction has gone very well. Retailers representing over 90% of FiberChoice sales have accepted them. These new FiberChoice products began to appear on retail shelves in April and CNS began TV advertising announcing the introduction in May.

    Fiscal 2006 Growth Strategies
    • Continue to build the Breathe Right brand in the U.S. and globally
    • Fiscal 2006 gross margins to be in the 69-70% range.
    • Grow market penetration of FiberChoice daily fiber supplement
    • Introduce two new FiberChoice products and a new 28-count package of Breathe Right mentholated strips
    • Seek profitable ways to broaden CNS' product portfolio via new product development or acquisition.

    CNS plans to consistently and profitably deliver annual revenue growth of 10 to 15%. In fact, in fiscal 2006, they expect slightly higher sales gains of between 13% and 19%. New product development efforts are underway on both the Breathe Right and FiberChoice brands for fiscal 2007 and beyond. Additionally, CNS will test new ways to grow their core brands and to drive growth in key international markets and they will continue to aggressively pursue the acquisition of a third brand platform to enhance rate of growth.

    CNS announced in September 2005 that they signed an agreement with a new distribution partner to launch the Breathe Right brand in Mexico. Mexico is the world's ninth largest OTC market with roughly $1 billion in retail sales and we believe it represents a good growth opportunity for CNS. That’s a lot of snore free siestas.

    During the March quarter, their distributor began shipping to wholesalers and positioning the product at retail. The have introduced advertising in March and this ran through early April in support of Mexico's allergy season. This market will continue to develop over the coming year.

    Great fundamentals with a promising future. How does this translate to earnings? ANAL-ysts polled by First Call see fiscal 2006 profit rising 8% to $1 a share. They see 15% growth to $1.15 a share in fiscal 2007. With one quarter completed, CNS has raised its estimates for fiscal 2006 sales and earnings per share. For the 2006 fiscal year ending March 31, 2006, CNS now anticipates that sales will be between $106 million and $112 million, CNS anticipates fully diluted earnings per share for fiscal 2006 to be in the range of $1.00 to $1.10.

    So ANAL-ysts have picked the low number in the range of CNS’s estimates? How stupid is that? For the last 4 quarters, CNS has surprised to the upside by 26%, 100%, 133% and 59%. One would think by now that the ANAL-ysts would catch on to this sandbag game? Fear not, $$$MR. MARKET$$$ has already sniffed this one out. According to $$$MR. MARKET$$$, CNXS will earn $1.28 per share on revenues of $128 million in 2006. At today’s PE of 27.7, that puts CNXS’s stock price at 35.46 which surpasses my sell target.
    Marti Morfitt, the CEO, snores in:

    We are pleased to be off to a strong start in fiscal 2006. First-quarter sales and profits exceeded our expectations with strong performances by Breathe Right nasal strips both in the U.S. and internationally, as well as the FiberChoice brand," said CEO Marti Morfitt. "Our results benefited from the effectiveness of important initiatives begun in the previous year, such as market testing designed to drive household penetration growth of Breathe Right nasal strips, new product development to expand the FiberChoice line and lower distributor inventories in Japan."

    Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, well maybe a quality dump certainly does. It looks like CNXS has all of our bases covered.
    I am HUGE!

    $$$MR. MARKET$$$

    Did you like this write up? Please let me know if you did or did not: mrmarket@mrmarketishuge.com

    If you did, please forward it on to your investment minded friends.

    I am HUGE! Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

    - $$$MR. MARKET$$$
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    I am HUGE! Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

    - $$$MR. MARKET$$$

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    Up over 29% today, what's going on ? This is beyond huge.


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    Default Congrats

    Mr Market

    Let me be the first one on this thread to congratulate you on this Huge Win.

    I almost bought this on Friday while my limit order didn't get filled. I had a gut feeling of CNXS outperforming in next earnings release so I thought I would try to get some on Monday. This morning when I checked out pre0market news for CNXS I was probably the first one on this site to write out about its bought out offer. YOU ARE TRULY HUGE

    I am waiting for the meteor shower.

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    where is Jimbocobb?

    I am HUGE! Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

    - $$$MR. MARKET$$$

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    Default You are HUGE

    Congratulations on another HUGE pick and sale. While I did not match your results, I'll take my 21% gain anytime.
    As a matter of fact, I am looking for just that in your next few picks now that you have the cash to make some HUGE selections.

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    Mr. Market,
    Officially you have achieved 15% or greater on 85 of your last 96 picks which works out to 88.54%. I assume your next run will be even better. Since I can't access your last 83 winners I can't figure what the average gain was . It must be over 17%. Does anyone know the actual figure ?


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    where is Jimbocobb?

    I am HUGE! Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

    - $$$MR. MARKET$$$

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    I am in awe!.... BTW how was the Vegas trip? You might want to go back.LOL!
    BEEF!... it's whats for dinner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmarket View Post
    ...23% gain over my purchase price of 30.15 back in September 2005...
    Congrats Ernie! Excellent gap up today! Probably worth a technical short up here.....

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    jimbocobb Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by mrmarket View Post
    where is Jimbocobb?
    Someone rang ???????????

    Nice Job Mr Ego, way to stick by your guns on CNXS !!!!!!!!!!!

    My cost basis on CNXS is $3.50, CAN YOU DO THAT ????????????????????

    I didn't think so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    KA-CHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Why do you only have 25 straight winners, I thought you were up to 85 or something ???? Did you have a LOSER or something ???????????????????

    haha, best wishes, and keep up the good work !


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