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    What the heck. The halfway point in the year is a good time to come clean on my performance so far. I'm not as bad as my POTW record would indicate. Being usually a long term holder, I don't do as many trades as some here. This is my complete record to date 6/30/06. This represents 3 different accounts , something that worked against me on CHB which I held in one account too long not realizing I hadn't sold all positions.

    Closed Positions-----------------Open Positions

    HOM--+119.0%------------------EGY--- +56.42%
    HOM--+53.19--------------------SGDE-- +15.06
    APAB--+27.58-------------------APAB--- +11.11
    MOSS-- -.59%-------------------APAB----+6.29
    HOM--- -.80* thanks to IIC-------PTSI----+6.14
    CHB--- -2.3----------------------KFY-----+1.61
    TLF--- -3.5----------------------PRX----- -3.30%
    ELN--- -3.55---------------------LDSH---- -3.72
    BMHC-- -20.70-------------------ACTU---- -14.40
    CHB--- -23.10--------------------FDG----- -16.40* doesn't include
    ----------------------------------------------------dividends paid


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    Thanks for what?

    Thanks for causing you to lose 80 cents or thanks for helping you to not lose more?

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    It's thanks for telling me about the stocklemon report which allowed me to get out of 1 position of HOM at only .80% loss and pull out of another at a
    53.19% gain. It may have saved my year. Thanks again.

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