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Thread: Admans outlook

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    Adman Guest

    Default Admans outlook

    All right, I will try this one more time, with a dedicated thread.
    First, allow me to apologize if I upset anyone, or appeared disingenuous, I assure you, that is not my style nor was it my intent.
    About me: In mid February, I retired from the floor after 33 years on Wall Street. During that time I have preformed a variety of functions from arbitrager, trader, money manager to commentator.
    When I pick stocks, I pick them to go up, hopefully. I look for what appears to me, the potential for gain, whether it be short term or long, 3% or 30%.
    If I think a stock is only good for a 3% gain, I will say so. If you are buying in 100 lots, a 3% stock will not fit your model. If you are (or have the ability) to go in for 2000 shares, then a 3% gainer will be worth your while. I will always disclose if I have an interest in a stock, and will notify you if I go into a position that I have posted on.
    Almost every stock I buy is long. I am not a short seller, and I do not trade options all the much. If I think an option is merited for something I write on, I will mention it.
    At any given time, my portfolios will have 34 to 60 positions, with as many as 6-8 open orders at a time. I always buy on a limit (either GTC or day). In many cases, I will have two or more open orders on the same company (I manage three separate, personal portfolios, two NQ one Q).
    I call my orders autopilot, and usually tweak them on late Wednesday, as I am, more often than not, traveling on Thursday and Fridayís. Case in point: I had two open orders on Finisar last week, one went off just after the close on Friday, and the other didnít. I am a very active manager, and have close to 60 trades YTD for a total of 74,000+ shares in various firms.
    I will not post on every position the I enter (not enough time), but promise to post as many companies that I can, that I think show potential for appreciation.
    Now, my method: I am a CFA and pick stocks the old school way: Gut and news. I donít rely heavily on screens (I do track recent price history and 52 week ranges, and thatís about it). If I see a news blurb on something, Iíll check it out immediately, and if it hasnít moved too much, I may take action. In cases like this with bad news, options on the down side may come into play for some ďquick moneyĒ.
    I rely on Bloomberg, Reuters and some independent papers I receive from BNY from time to time. The old fashion way: I read financials and dig through company news and look which way the officers and other corporate insiders are going. Basic stuff, not too fancy, but it works.
    If I see something I like in a company that has a red balance sheet (as in CTIC), I will call that as a contrarian choice.
    View my advice as a newsletter. Make your own decisions on whether or not to buy, never buy blindly on something I post. I am merely offering guidance; please do not construe that as an endorsement to buy.
    I will put a follow up post on my list shortly.
    Thank you for allowing me to join your community, and once again, I apologize for coming in like a bull in a china shop.
    Happy and prosperous trading!

    BTW-My handle "Adman", I have nothing to do with ads or Madison Avenue. It just happened to be the name of a boat I bought once. I know a couple of you were wondering.

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    Looking forward to you posts...

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    Thumbs up

    Adman sounds great your experience will be extremely valiable looking foward to your post on the stocks your gut tells you they have potential. I don't go on gut feelings I call It darts never short stocks and never buy options Glad you joined .
    Ray Long

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    Adman Guest


    One that you should be looking to place in the back of your portfolio is ICE.
    With the merger complete down at the NYSE, I believe that we will see a wave of exchange consolidations in the future.
    In the 70ís, it may be a little pricey for some portfolios, but this will be one of those rare exceptions when I would suggest buying an odd lot if you canít go long for an extended period. All the calls are deep in the money, almost being priced away.
    Donít rush in here; look for an entry in the mid $71, range (71.35-71.60). Buy and back burner it. You can probably expect to see it near $100 this fall.
    I am long in ICE and have been since 12/28/05.

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    welcome aboard, Adman! I'm sure with your experience that your contributions to this group will be HUGE!

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    "the lehi wallee"


    Oops. sorry Adman. i was addressing you as Adam.
    "Whatever you can do or dream you can , begin it. Boldness has genius,power and magic in it." Goethe

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    Based on a report from B of A this AM, I will be looking for a high today on UARM at 31.00, to do some profit taking. I have bought UARM 3 times since the IPO (2200 shrs) with a cost basis of $26.42. By the time you read this, I will have placed a limit order to sell 1200 of those shares at 30.90. The report basically said to buy as much as you can on a pullback under $32.
    Folks, the numbers are not good enough to be buying over 30 here.
    29.50, for a hold, 30, no way.

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    ok Adman..we're looking forward to your jingles.

    I am HUGE! Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

    - $$$MR. MARKET$$$

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adman
    In mid February, I retired from the floor after 33 years on Wall Street....
    Were you the guy holding a clipboard that always walked in front of Maria Bartiromo while she was trying to talk back in the late 90's?
    BEEF!... it's whats for dinner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyehopper
    Were you the guy holding a clipboard that always walked in front of Maria Bartiromo while she was trying to talk back in the late 90's?
    I don't see what the big deal is with Maria Bartiromo. I think Becky Quick is way hotter than her.

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