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    jonnieocean Guest

    Default yahoo groups is at it again

    Ernie, thought you'dlike to know our group was not the only one singled out for eradication by Yahoo. ANother group i belonged to has suddenly dissappeared. Canslim group was given the ax. I wish there were someway we could come down on these Yahoo dorks like a ton of bricks.
    What a bunch of unmitigated butt-headed, mush brained buffons those Yahoo jerks are. There, I've gotten that off my chest. Thanks for letting me vent some steam.

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    stenzrob Guest


    Maybe group members just aren't clicking on enough of those sponsor ads.

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    wow...that group was around for a long time. I think if Yahoo wants you to cease and desist, they should at least give you a one day warning so you can save the stuff you want to save. I didn't mind losing my group, what I did mind was losing all of the interesting discussions and email contacts, etc.

    I am HUGE! Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

    - $$$MR. MARKET$$$

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    Sep 2003

    Default contacts

    Well, at least it looks like everyone was able to find you ok here- just in a few weeks, you're almost at 300 members! Probably you'll hit 300 by the end of the week, and I swear you'll have another 15% more in 4 to 6 weeks...

    Seriously though, I think this type of following really validates that what you're doing is indeed valuable to a lot of people.


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    Thanks....tell a friend

    I am HUGE! Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

    - $$$MR. MARKET$$$

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