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    Default Story about Market Fraudster - from NY Post - PLEASE READ!

    This story ran on Page 6 of August 9, 2005 New York Post:

    HAMPTONS haute society is aghast that a CEO charged with stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from investors has resurfaced among their elite circle and he's already throwing around some of his allegedly "dirty" money at high-profile venues.

    Former AremisSoft CEO Roys Poyiadjis who fled to his native Cyprus in 2001 after being charged with multiple counts of fraud by the Securities & Exchange Commission has not only reappeared in the Hamptons, but his Poyiadjis Foundation has its own hospitality tent at the tony Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge in Bridgehampton.

    Poyiadjis' tent is among the 30 so-called "tailgating" tents rented by corporations and individuals looking to hobnob at one of the summer season's highest-profile Saturday afternoon events, which this season has been attended by the likes of Molly Sims, Matt Damon, Owen Wilson, Karolina Kourkova, Ines Rivero and a host of other bold-faced names.

    According to the SEC, the $200 million Poyiadjis agreed in June to pay back to defrauded investors after the Isle of Man froze his bank account was among the highest settlements ever ordered by the federal agency.

    But it's not enough for some. One off-put Bridgehampton Polo fan huffs to PAGE SIX: "Here is someone who has been forced to pay one of the highest personal restitutions in the history of fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, insider trading and conspiracy. He did not spend a single day in jail and he was allowed back into this country. It is a terrible message to send to the market, that the only penalty of fraud is, if you get caught, you have to return what you stole and must agree not to be an officer of a public company."

    Our aggrieved fan continued: "Just weeks after" Poyiadjis was forced to pay $200 million in restitution, [Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge organizer] Neil Hirsch allows [Poyiadjis] to set up a hospitality tent . . . I wonder what Peter Brant and some of the other big boys who play polo there would have to say about that?"

    A rep for the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge tells PAGE SIX: "Clearly, this guy [Poyiadjis] is trying to be among the VIPs who frequent Polo, so he rented a tent at the summer's hottest events. He's not one of the main sponsors, he just has a tailgating tent far from the main sponsors."
    Just makes me sick with all those things which are supposed to "protect" the daily investor and we have this. Also, I love the fact he can enter/exit the country with no problems.

    By the way, those who do not remember this company (that the guy ran), here are a few nice links:



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    It's a shame...and to think...we only hear about the one's who get caught
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