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    B.J Guest

    Default Attention all TA folks, StockCharts.com question

    I'm considering joining stockcharts.com. I'd say I'm on the beginner level, with maybe tidbits of knowledge reading Spike and Runner's threads.

    For those who are members, does the extra package give me a big advantage over the basic? Also, does anyone subscribe to the Murphy newsletter, and is it worthwhile?

    Thanks in advance for all input.

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    Default Me To

    The head of the nail has been hit, I also would like the same ???? answered. This T.A. is starting to peek my interests also. M.E.A.
    GO BIG RED!!!!!

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    I subscribe to Stockcharts.com Extra plus Real Time charting package and John Murphy's daily alerts. The Extra plus Real Time charting package is 29.95 per mo. and the John Murphy alerts are another 16.95 per month. I love them both and find that Murphy's alerts educate me on the technical analysis side of charting and fill me in on what's really going on in the markets. I've found them both to be very valuable tools in my daily trading activities. I've tried them all over the last several years and Stockcharts.com's package is the best as far as I'm concerned.

    I also subscribe to Yahoo's Market Tracker for my realtime screens. Their package for 9.95 per month is the best and most for the money for that material that I have come across. For realtime daily screens you should check them out. With that package you get to much other stuff to mention here. Another worthwhile package for the money.

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    B.J Guest


    Excellent advice Ski. Thanks.

    And I saw your suggestion for the book in the other thread. Thanks for that too.

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    I highly recommend the Extra R/T service...although I can't compare it to the basic service because I never had the basic service. You can pay further in advance and save on the $29.95 monthly price.

    They also have an excellent chart school which you can visit w/o subscribing:
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