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Thread: Virus Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmarket View Post
    On the market front, I would be very careful about the recent "good news" and recent market rallies. Think about it...when the market was at 29,000 in January....what will the world be like in November, will the economy be better than it was in January? It will be difficult to see an environment where most businesses have fully recovered.
    Lookin' for stuff to sell starting tomorrow. Always have some turkeys. Scary part is reports of large numbers of people who want to file for unemployment but have not been able to yet because of staffing issues, other snafus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiesen View Post
    I bought some GILD today at $82 on the news that remdesivir study data shows that it works to treat the Covid-19 infection.


    I'm sure that when more people hear about this data they will pile into the stock in the coming few days and weeks. Not sure this will actually make a dent in GILD's earnings or market value (currently over $100B) though. So, I'll probably sell it at $90 if I can, next week. (or at $80 if I turn out to be wrong)
    I'll probably kick myself for this, when it hits 90 next week, but I sold my GILD today at $80. $2/shr is all I'm willing to risk on this trade, though.

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    My daughter's hospital in Toledo announced they are going to test employees every 2 weeks. Only problem is they don't have the personnel to administer the tests, they don't have the proper equipment, and they don't have the tests. Sound familiar? Will keep updating this process.


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    My daughter is a nurse at a northwest arkansas hospital. She is doing some testing for C-19 etc. She told me about a patient they had on a ventelator who recovered when they used the new therapy involving plasma from donors who had recovered from C-19. She said the treatment was very difficult to do because the plasma is so rare, but she also said it was very effective (yay! encouraging news!). You simply didn't recover after being on a ventelator until this treatment. I'll link below to that story. I pray there will eventually be a vaccine, and I think things will open back up this Summer, but I also think positive news recently and the recovery in the market will not last this year. I think we will see another correction, and possibly a big one. However, I think it will provide great opportunity for the informed, so fear not! I have a watchlist of stocks that I'd love to see take a drop so I could buy at a discount.

    Another thing my daughter told me... from her perspective inside the healthcare system, the biggest struggle is not the virus, its how it affects everything else - they have trouble getting supplies, they can't do procedures that typically pay the hospitals well and finance all the other non-profitable hospital activities, her coworkers don't have childcare, on and on. I know opening up is risky, but I think the risk of not opening up the economy needs to be acknowledged. Crazy times for sure.

    Stay safe folks!

    Math doesn't lie, but people do.

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