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On June 8th I posted this pithy comment which was actually a recommendation for OPK, a stock I bought some years ago and reported on in my thread that disappeared, which I bought on the recommendation of a guy who was cutting my hair temporarily because the regular guy broke his wrist. I started touting it in June when it was announced that "on Jun 1, 2020, the FDA authorized OPKO Health to undertake a Phase 2 trial with RAYALDEE as a treatment for patients with mild-to moderate COVID-19". They subsequently signed a contract with the NFL to do COVID testing on all NFL teams and the stock doubled. They then announced that they had given the NFL 77 false positives affecting about half the teams and the stock was cut in half (almost).

Anyway they have now announced a contract with New York City schools to test staff for COVID. Given the damage done the stock (due to their mis-feasance) I again think it might be a good buy over a six month to a year timeframe. I have options in December but they now offer leaps as well as regular options further out. Seems like they have several avenues here to make money.