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    Default The Turtles Top 5

    Here are my 5 favorite stocks from the most recent dump:


    I will buy one of these stocks soon...which one do you like? and why?
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    Revenue/Earnings: Got a nice bump in revenue four quarters ago, but results have been choppy since. Also had a huge earnings bump four quarters ago, but earnings tailed off significantly the quarter after that and have creeped up since. Latest, just reported quarter was somewhat upbeat. Nothing spectacular going on here.
    Technicals: CRMT Broke out into a nice little uptrend on Feb 11, but is now fairly extended from its moving averages following a modest gap up on earnings. No longer term sustained uptrend. Topping tails on the last three bars suggests some degree pullback could be imminent, so entering now looks a little risky.
    My opinion: NO

    Revenue/Earnings: After years of up and down results GRVY had a spectacular 2017 during which revenue almost tripled, earnings exploded by a factor of over 50x, and share price rose by over 500%. 2018 was less kind as the share price gave back all but the last 50% of itís gains. Since the start of the bear market in Oct of 2018, however, GRVY has been on a sustained uptrend and has recovered its 2017 gains. Itís last reported quarter was a good one with nice quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year gains although the marketís reaction was somewhat tepid.
    Technicals: GRVY has been in a sustained uptrend since Oct, 2018. There was a moderate correction in Jan, 2019, after which the uptrend resumed. GRVY is currently in a trend pullback which could be a buying opportunity if the regression channel holds.
    My opinion: TEPID YES

    Revenue/Earnings: Five year revenue growth has been spectacular with a CAGR of 45.06%. Earnings growth has been a little more uneven, although 2017 was a spectacular year and 2018 is on target to show continued growth. Last quarters results were excellent, so much so, that the company announced a 20% dividend increase.
    NOTE 1: They are scheduled to report 4th quarter 2018 results in just four days (from the date of this post) on Feb 26. Buying in before earnings could end up taking you on a wild ride ... for good or bad.
    NOTE 2: APO has made an offer to buy a number of TV stations from NXST. NXST is looking to sell these stations in order to secure regulatory approval for its $4B purchase of Tribune Media (TRCO).
    Technicals: NXST has been in a prolonged uptrend since the market bounce started in late December, 2018. It is currently a little extended from its moving averages, but itís possible it could enter into a sideways consolidation from here as it did in January before moving higher. A slightly delayed entry might be warranted.
    My opinion: YES

    Revenue/Earnings: Overall five year revenue growth has been solid with a 38.22% CAGR. There was a bit of a hiccup from 2014 to 2015, but by 2017 revenue had recovered and spiked up nicely. Revenue moved sharply higher in the first quarter of 2018, but has leveled off since. Earnings growth has been less spectacular, with earnings still below the peak year of 2014 and tepid growth in recent quarters. On February 7, TPNL release FY 2019 guidance which had investors scrambling for the buy button. The company said revenue would grow by 63% to 72%. The share price rose almost 42% in a single day and has continued to creep higher since. The forward looking story for TPNL is good.
    Technicals: TPNL is a little extended from its moving averages right now, but it appears to be in a bullish sideways consolidation, which could make for a good entry, especially with a stop below the consolidation band.
    My opinion: YES

    This stock is definitely not for me. The volume is way too low, ranging from about 17K shares on a busy day to 2K shares on a slow one. With volumes like that any sale of purchase of a large block of shares could cause a wild fluctuation of share price. Even a handful of moderately sized orders on a slow day could put buyers in a position in which they are chasing the ask and artificially inflating the share price, which will likely come crashing back down leaving buyers with a very bad entry.
    My opinion: HELL NO.
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    I like TPNL and WLFC.

    WLFC: While I completely understand why BlueWolf would not be interested in such a thinly traded stock like WLFC, this company is well established and appears to be sitting in a good place within its industry. (I used to be a yacht broker in my younger years and had a couple of clients in this type of business and this is a very lucrative business with great margins and once you have the established relationships like this company does I feel there is easily another 15% upside to meet Mr. Markets goals.)

    TPNL: this is my first choice for the +15% in short time. The company has opened a whole new lines of high margin business along with a fresh Board and the recent rise in share price is a result of Management's 2019 projections are very bullish and another 15% in share price with this momentum has me very optimistic.

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