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    Default The Pollen Top 5

    Here are my 5 favorite picks from my most recent data dump:


    Which one do you like? and why? I will buy one of these really soon.
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    Three stocks from China, one from Israel and one US.

    While the chart is erratic, YY is growing and has a US IPO for one of its companies this month. Could be a big growth story here as live streaming content is big money. My only concern is censorship in China has kept many of these companies in the governments cross hairs.

    ATHM feels like a safer play with China internet content focused on autos and has a much nicer chart. I do not have the data but imagine that the internet and auto industry have plenty to grow throughout the country.

    NOAH: Distribution of wealth management products to the high net worth population in China. This company is well established and looking at 16% earnings growth. May be a long term idea but i do not see it as the ideal Mr. Market pick.

    NSP: With the tight employment market, staffing services are in demand and this is a well established HR company. CHart has been ripping, but does it have another 15%?

    SEDG: when I saw a solar company based in Israel I shied away. But these guys manufacturer the DC inverters which is a great product with a growing need. However, I think there is a lot of competition in this market and will pass.

    I am bouncing between YY and ATHM and looking forward to hearing others opinions!

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    YY looks a sure bet

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    Yup, YY looked a sure thing when I saw it on the short list.

    Its now up almost 20% since! And looks like a short term keeper!

    Thanks for the heads up Mr.M!!

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