There are plenty of threads for trading ideas. This can be the thread for anyone trying to hold stocks at least one year, and hopefully longer.

The first stock I'll put up for discussion is INTX


"Intersections Inc. provides consumer identity risk management services in the United States. Its services help consumers understand and monitor their credit profiles and other personal information, and protect themselves against identity theft or fraud. The company operates in three segments: Consumer Products and Services, Online Brand Protection, and Bail Bonds Industry Solutions. The Consumer Products and Services segment offers identity theft protection and credit information management products and services for consumers to access to their credit reports, credit monitoring, educational credit scores, credit education, reports and monitoring of additional information, identity theft recovery, identity theft cost reimbursement insurance, and software and other technology tools and services. This segment also provides data breach response; and accidental death and disability insurance, and property and casualty insurance, as well as access to healthcare, home, auto, financial, and other services and information. The Online Brand Protection segment offers corporate brand and product monitoring services comprising online channel monitoring, auction monitoring, and other services to corporate brand owners or retailers. The Bail Bonds Industry Solutions segment provides automated service solutions for the bail bonds industry. Its services include accounting, reporting, and decision making tools that allow bail bondsmen, general agents, and sureties to run their offices, to exercise operational and financial control over their businesses, and to make underwriting decisions. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia."

There are a few things I like about INTX. It's reasonably priced according to any value metric. The earnings are pretty stable around $1.00 per share for the last three years, with revenues around $360 million. If they continue earning this same amount, the current P/E ratio is a lowly 9 to 10. On top of that, they have a killer dividend of $0.20 a quarter. That's $.80 a year, or roughly 8.5% at current price levels!

After listening to their 2012 Q4/Year End conference call, I like them even more. The management sounds honest and ethical. They clearly want to give back to the shareholders, as evidenced by their spectacular dividend, including the one time special dividend of $.70 last November.

As for their chart, it doesn't look great at first glance. Oddly enough, the stock has kept pace with the S&P 500 for the past 6 months. On a longer time frame, the stock has had buyers step in around $8, and sellers step up around $14.

Today I bought INTX at an average price of $9.59. If you are looking for small gains, look elsewhere. This is a great company behind a great stock, which will net you at least 33% in the next one(1) to three(3) years. That's at the low end. More probably, after that sweet 8% dividend reinvested, and growth in users, I will open my account next year and be faced with a 50% to 100% gain in my INTX shares. Maybe not everyone wants that, I don't know.