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    Here are some stocks for your perusal this week! Happy Thanksgiving! Some are highly speculative . Please do your own research!

    1. ACM http://schrts.co/cBhmvetK

    2. CPRT http://schrts.co/PSyHiFwH

    3. CRSP http://schrts.co/scKZjcpC

    4. CYBR http://schrts.co/citbFZbD

    5. DIS http://schrts.co/sAEIhmYP

    6. EHTH http://schrts.co/aNhAUSbJ

    7. EL http://schrts.co/GMtajdVk

    8. GRWG http://schrts.co/KZVJtyUF

    9. IEC http://schrts.co/WQIYecSr

    10. NVCR http://schrts.co/MUXZmugj

    11. PLAN http://schrts.co/RCejDzht

    12. PLNHF http://schrts.co/zkAnNusQ

    13. RVP I especially favor this one! http://schrts.co/zZmIdxKA

    14 SE http://schrts.co/nQpukXIU

    15. SVM http://schrts.co/PFDdqTPk

    16. SWCH http://schrts.co/VXTwpnqK

    17. TDOC http://schrts.co/uUAIFfWk

    18. TTD http://schrts.co/bBmKqMfv
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    Snowy day her in NJ , so I had time to compile this list of 12 stocks, and some of these may turn out to be big winners.

    1. BLDR http://schrts.co/mRjmYKPq

    2. CODI http://schrts.co/QmxPgcFD

    3. DIS http://schrts.co/DSgJWzKu

    4. GRWG http://schrts.co/MVzGhCFm

    5. JCS http://schrts.co/HUxbFvBE

    6. KNTNF http://schrts.co/fQVAtSrJ

    7. MDCO http://schrts.co/SnmFQpNS

    8. OKTA http://schrts.co/zCySAQzM

    9. PERI http://schrts.co/yqzrmMDw

    10. RVP http://schrts.co/rXUBwERS

    11. SVM http://schrts.co/KkPbFdta

    12. WDOFF http://schrts.co/DnmqZCeF

    FOLKS Bonus Silver Pick , just came on my screen, FLMZF May be worth a "GAMBLE" Not a bad chart! http://schrts.co/vNhVxWPv
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    Phoenix, I owned CODI reinvesting dividends for several years. The reason I eventually sold is that CODI is an MLP Master Limited Partnership that causes major problems when held in a retirement account. It's taxed differently than other dividend earners and usually reports income after the last years IRS filing is due. It results in tax extension issues as well as letters from the IRS that aren't welcome. Ask your accountant before purchasing an MLP especially in a retirement account. Mine wrote a nice letter to the IRS and they haven't required any more information for the last 2 years.


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    Billy yes I don't own that stock for that reason . Those limited partnerships make Tax Preparation at any level difficult!

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    BONUS PICK: Check out ENPH a California Solar Company that appears to have a "Bright" future! Here is the Chart: http://schrts.co/wIYjFekT Credit goes to Stockgumshoe for sleuthing out this stock! Read Here: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews...hael-robinson/

    REKR Looks interesting right one! http://schrts.co/kMkQwTUU
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