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    Can you really buy and hold a group of stocks without trading them? Well a friend and I have compiled a list of 11 possibilities. I will post them later in the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix7 View Post
    Can you really buy and hold a group of stocks without trading them? Well a friend and I have compiled a list of 11 possibilities. I will post them later in the day.
    Well here is what we came up with , although you will have to watch and buy on the dips.

    1. AAPL http://schrts.co/PmQNWQxw

    2. AMT http://schrts.co/MDXxDgHr

    3. AMZN http://schrts.co/dejrdgBH

    4. AXP http://schrts.co/PcbRRTTm

    5. FB http://schrts.co/FRgQUGdu

    6. GLW http://schrts.co/RXtZPruR

    7. GOOG http://schrts.co/eUsppphA

    8. HSY http://schrts.co/MRNCkmtJ

    9. INTC http://schrts.co/wEPiJusr

    10. NVR http://schrts.co/NpJuEGCi

    11. QCOM http://schrts.co/yRYzKTxm
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    Well Fall begins tomorrow, and I do have some stocks worthy of your consideration:

    1. AXSM http://schrts.co/ziDcnutI

    2. DRRX http://schrts.co/FyqZxYdy looks like a new run is starting?

    3. DUK http://schrts.co/wfjDNQAf

    4. GTBDF http://schrts.co/uIDphSas

    5. IIPR http://schrts.co/hHHYaaAs

    6. MAIN http://schrts.co/aUEUzGsK

    7. OKE http://schrts.co/hTHWtRiJ

    8. PG http://schrts.co/aaBkIXyQ

    9. SBUX Just heard a report that Starbucks opens a New Store in China every 15 hours .....Simply Amazing! http://schrts.co/GAsgsEkA

    10 SHAK http://schrts.co/qPnjEiAI

    11. SPOXF http://schrts.co/SHQHcDcV Maybe a GOOD Buy Point Right Here!

    12. SVM http://schrts.co/GjPmpQVy Silver a little recession protection.

    13. VNNHF http://schrts.co/AiYuuGyy FROM MY PREVIOUS POST "EXTRA , EXTRA Big GOLD stock touted by John Doody ( Gold Analyst) last night. I suffered through a live presentation by John Doody and a crew of other people because at the end of the presentation he revealed a Gold Stock that "COULD" Rise 500% That stock is Belo Sun Mining Corp VNNHF . The service He promoted was "Gold Stock Analyst Pro" Of course discounted to $2500!! He only has 10 stocks in his Gold Portfolio .....anyone subscribe and care to shed some light on those Gold Stocks? Remember if ,many people BUY those picks and you have them in your portfolio you will make money . This is a win win situation for you! Thanks !

    14. VZ http://schrts.co/ksmXSfdJ
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    For the coming week beginning on 10/14/19 , The following "Lucky 11" stocks look verrrrrrry interesting. Check them out and do your own research . It will be worth your time!

    1. AAPL http://schrts.co/cSzgtePV

    2. AFTPF https://quotes.ino.com/charting/?s=NASDAQ_AFTPF

    3. CODI http://schrts.co/zEZwvdaP

    4. D http://schrts.co/WyxNJYwb

    5. ETSY http://schrts.co/cbMJstCv

    6. IEC http://schrts.co/wqNKzqIC

    7. MTZ http://schrts.co/GNBVThCF

    8. NXPI http://schrts.co/pfRUbzAA

    9. REXR http://schrts.co/QykFskPp Folks look at the REXR Chart , it seems to be Shooting UP again!!

    10. SMG http://schrts.co/pufgBsCk

    11. WKHS http://schrts.co/uMfpfCYY
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    Thirteen is an unlucky number for many , but the 13 stocks listed below have been very lucky. All were up on Friday , UP for the Week , UP for the month, and UP Year To Date! Will they continue to rise into the future , God only knows? Once again do your own research and check them out!

    1. AAPL http://schrts.co/iSmMHFts

    2. AIRRF http://schrts.co/RuAwaYsz

    3. BLDP http://schrts.co/upKgadkD

    4. CHDN http://schrts.co/TBgbHgAb

    5. CZR http://schrts.co/ebiEPPts

    6. DRE http://schrts.co/fwDyvbqK

    7. EGY http://schrts.co/aRMgjPcd

    8. FBP http://schrts.co/HHECqFiZ

    9. LGFTF http://schrts.co/uWBcQzhz

    10. MTZ http://schrts.co/rhsUEYQK

    11. NEE http://schrts.co/gfQBCTqc

    12. NKE http://schrts.co/meRVjZix

    13. O http://schrts.co/ywNCyHxu
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    New Stock list tomorrow Sunday 10/27/19 ........12 stocks which have great potential . Be sure to check them out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix7 View Post
    Folks Late Addition Check out this Stock sizzler I think you will be pleased! RVP Only 1.23 with huge UPSIDE Ahead! http://schrts.co/HrGZUcHu

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    Tomorrow is Veterans Day and I would like to give my sincerest thanks to all who are currently serving and have served in the military. I wish to all health , wealth and happiness!
    Later in the day I will post my latest picks, and hopefully we can all make money with most of the picks.

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    Picks for the week 11/11/19 -11/15/19

    1. AAPL

    2. AMD

    3. AMXEF

    4. BLDR

    5. CDW

    6. DRRX

    7. GRWG

    8. IIPR

    9. NVCR

    10. RVP

    11. SE

    12. SGMS

    13. SMG

    14. SPXC

    15. SVM

    16. TGI

    17. TSM

    18. VFF http://schrts.co/avBqMKId Could be Break Out Right here folks! VFF is UP a HUGE 174% TTD!

    19. WDOFF

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