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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix7 View Post
    Although the stock markets took a beating last week ......some stocks did well. Check out the list below ......some could reap huge gains in the future!

    1. AHPI http://schrts.co/cWUZgCkb

    2. CODX http://schrts.co/peCHdNwT

    3. DFLYF http://schrts.co/IssPiDKr

    4. DGAZ http://schrts.co/rbRJsgMQ

    5. ELA http://schrts.co/aqjKBqsH

    6. ENPH http://schrts.co/cnXmNPAP

    7. FULC http://schrts.co/yHxzzvcR

    8. GCAP http://schrts.co/DjphkgZc

    9. GNBT http://schrts.co/NuAkcXNH

    10. ICAD http://schrts.co/KxJDDnGP

    11. STSA http://schrts.co/QQhtINCC

    12. TRIL http://schrts.co/PNcFsdwE
    Folks these stocks are definitely NOT for the feint of heart! Some wild moves today .......hopefully they will settle down for the rest of the week! Overall IMHO ELA is the best of the bunch!

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    Folks know many suffered losses last week as many of your stocks took the Gas Pipe! Later I will post 14 "Bad Boys" that were ALL Up For The Week, Up For The Month and Up YTD! Stay Tuned.
    Below are those "Bad Boys!"

    1. ELA http://schrts.co/vwBEPcuw

    2. ENPH http://schrts.co/cwnPapmF

    3. EVSI http://schrts.co/cIHrafDx

    4. GILD http://schrts.co/xzDhmdfI

    5. ICAD http://schrts.co/SJWgVtJn

    6. INO http://schrts.co/VekZwukK

    7. MLSS http://schrts.co/sBqxbpri

    8. MRNA http://schrts.co/bRKenQJc

    9. MTBC http://schrts.co/thCssSAD

    10. NEM http://schrts.co/NVVXwHZg

    11. QDEL http://schrts.co/VCmUQpDt

    12. SUI http://schrts.co/jGWXypQn

    13. TRIL http://schrts.co/hqjYRHnP

    14. WEC http://schrts.co/PzvusECb
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    CHWY just came up on my radar . Chart: http://schrts.co/TasFEvtB

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    The stock market was brutal last week , BUT the following stocks did fairly well : Keep an eye on stocks 5-7 , when infrastructure work takes off those stocks should rocket!

    1. AHPI http://schrts.co/iIkHKWga

    2. GILD http://schrts.co/fqjPUFrY

    3. LAKE http://schrts.co/yzaPFZSj

    4. TDOC http://schrts.co/CUBFmWVz

    5. USCR http://schrts.co/PcjufNsF

    6. WORK http://schrts.co/gTRymXDt

    7. X http://schrts.co/zJzVepxM

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    An Interesting pick is AYTU Work with The Corona Virus and markets over 35 other products! Here is the Chart: http://schrts.co/ZhJrWvIx

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    Very difficult to pick good stocks right now .......but the following list looks good!

    1. AHPI http://schrts.co/myWZZhjI

    2. CHWY http://schrts.co/xaIvnBXD

    3. INO http://schrts.co/HfKeqzus

    4. LLNW http://schrts.co/SeFgaSRS

    5. MRNA http://schrts.co/IXrTqWPA

    6. MTBC ttp://schrts.co/wCSxVbNs

    7. NET http://schrts.co/gTFWCBeT

    8. QDEL http://schrts.co/brdFFEcm

    9. SMED http://schrts.co/TRaaigxN

    10. WORK http://schrts.co/JjwdamnS

    11. ZOOM http://schrts.co/uhncKRsP
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    Phoenix, Congratulations on reaching 1,000,000 views. I don't think it will happen again at least not for several years. Keep posting and we'll keep reading.


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    yes, congrats Pheonix!! kinda like that bird rising out of the ashes, to fight another day... keep it up!

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    1,000,000 views! Man, you need an agent. Thatís spectacular.

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    Wow I thought the site was still dead .........but I guess Mr Market is back!

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