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    Default Papertrading my FinViz screens

    After my release from hospital I decided to start with fun things, so here I am, using Marketocracy to papertrade my new FinViz screens that I developed since the Moneycentral screener was dropped.

    The market is of course awful and the screens picked up barely enough stocks to winnow down from, which might actually be an indicator to stay out of the market, but here they are:

    I picked MA for my version of $$$Mr. Market$$$'s model, and MA, AFSI and QCOR for my shotgun version of same. I will use SPY, QQQ and IWM as benchmarks, just as in my "normal" Marketocracy portfolios.

    Please note: I am paper trading these screens/stocks to find out if they look good. This is all untested.



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    Default Great To Hear

    Hey Karel it's great to see you back. My favorite thread on the forums has been your marketocracy thread, so I'm excited to see you starting it up again. I hope you post updates like before. I've started my own marketocracy account, too. Maybe we can share our data and improve the screens/strategies as the years go by. Stay healthy Karel.

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    Yes, I am planning to post updates, and I missed the first. There was a reason: the screens didn't cough up enough stocks to make a selection. The first week there were barely enough. I will become a bit more strict and will require at least 40 stocks in the long list to proceed to a pick.

    As the portfolios are nowhere near full, a comparison with SPY, QQQ and IWM is not useful yet. I will start when they are 65% filled, a Marketocracy requirement for "compliance".



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