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    TGC rated a buy by Vecto Vest undervalued ........do your research.but the time to buy is NOW!!! This was taken Today 5/22/08 from a Yahoo message board.

    TGC going UP to it's TRUE VALUE 27 minutes ago For some unknown reason this stock has been suppressed for a long time. TGC has a ttm P/E of 7 and many thers ar now trading at P/E's of ungodly levels. Look at the P/E ratios of FPP,PDO,and MXC for example. TGC was making money and had positive earnings when oil was $60 and now it is over double that. Each barrel of oil will show huge profits which will equate to fantastic earnings per share. I have tried to figure out the expected earnings for Q2 and if I am close, this stock could easily triple from this level near term and continually climb. The longs that are holding TGC shares are goig to be some very campers in the upcoming months. That is why I totally refuse to sell any shares at these severely suppressed levels. Good luck to all.

    ps: Thanks gatorbait,BatBoy, skarielarry and others for providing good solid info regarding TGC. You will be rewarded handsomely for your patience.
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