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Thread: OT: sad news

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    Default OT: sad news

    My dad passed away last Sunday evening, on Easter Day. Thursday he went to his last resting place. He was suffering from cancer, and a pneumonia was too much for him in his weak state. We are thankful that our whole family could be present in his last moments of lucidity. Pray for him, and for us!

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    I'm very sorry to hear that, Karel. Know that you and your family are in my thoughts tonight. My sincere condolences on your loss.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you and your family get through this ok. Over time your feelings of sadness and loss will be replaced by the joyous memories that you spent with your father. But for now, please know that we're all thinking about you (and that your dad raised a good son).


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    DSteckler Guest


    My heartfelt condolences to you and your family, Karel. I know what you're going through because my father has terminal cancer.

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    There is something especially sad when a son loses his father. You can take refuge in the fact that he is in a better place than we are, smiling down on all of us, and saying "Hope to see you soon". My wife and I will light a special candle in a special place for you and your family.

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    I, myself lost my mother to cancer, back in 1997. She was 59 years old.

    Karel, just know that we are all thinking and praying for you.
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    Shadow Guest


    My heart goes out to you Karel.

    I lost a father and a brother so I understand your
    loss. Time will not make the pain go away but it
    does make it easier to handle.

    God had plans for your father and now he's pain free
    and happy.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers Karel.
    Please take care of yourself.


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    Jim Smith Guest


    As Mr M says, the joyous memories will eventually replace the grief. And for that, I envy you Karel as I never knew my father. God Bless.

    I don't want this to be spotlight on me, but I had to deal with the suicide of a nephew six weeks ago. He was an Iraq war veteran who couldn't cope. I went through the text book range of emotions: disbelief, grief, anger and I am working on acceptance.

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    I know it's a sad time for you, but his life is reflected in the fine son he left behind. Take care.

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    Default Missing Dads

    For me, the worst was the sadness of not being able to ask his opinion on the latest geri issue. But there are other ways to communicate. Your dad is communicating to you all the time, when you listen to your heart.

    Prayers and love to you Karel and your family.

    Jim, condolences as well.

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