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  1. Here's the proper way to exit a losing trade (without pain)

    Hey everyone,

    A few years ago, I was a regular poster here and many traders seemed to appreciate my educational trading strategy content.

    I've been gone a while, but just published a new blog...
  2. Here’s An Excellent Way To Quickly Measure The Strength Of A Rally

    In a recent blog post, I explained and illustrated how intraday moving averages can be used to improve your stock picking accuracy.

    Since I received a lot of positive feedback on that post, I...
  3. The Triad Of Trading Profits – Volatility, Liquidity, & Chart Patterns

    Scanning for reliable chart patterns is obviously one of the most important factors that determines which stocks and ETFs traders should buy.

    However, just because a stock has a bullish chart...
  4. Why Stocks Are Now Poised To Move Lower (And How To Profit If They Do)

    For the past five weeks, the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite have been stuck in choppy, sideways ranges.

    This lack of direction has caused the number of low-risk trade setups to dwindle, which is why...
  5. Replies

    I like gold on the long side now, based on the...

    I like gold on the long side now, based on the double bottom on weekly chart and Fibonacci retracement levels.

    Here is my complete technical analysis on why I like gold for buy entry now:
  6. Does Account Size & Share Price Matter When Buying Stocks?

    Whenever I receive a question I think will be beneficial to other traders who may be wondering the same thing, I share the question and my reply with other traders.

    In this post, a trader is...
  7. Thanks, glad you liked it.

    Thanks, glad you liked it.
  8. My Analysis & Plan For Trading The Current Stock Market Pullback

    At the close of trading on March 21, our rule-based market timing model shifted from “neutral” to “sell” mode, after previously slipping from “buy” to “neutral” mode on March 12.

    When the timing...
  9. Why Global X Uranium ETF Is Poised For A Melt-up ($URA)

    With our market timing model remaining in “buy” mode, our current focus primarily remains on leading individual stocks.

    Tesla ($TSLA), for example, is now showing an unrealized gain of 68% since...
  10. Why Our Stock Market Timing Model Is About To Trigger A “Sell” Signal

    On January 27, I said it was not yet time to sell stocks, but the technical situation has deteriorated quite rapidly since then.

    Yesterday (an FOMC day), stocks saw heavy volume selling action...
  11. How Multiple Time Frame Analysis Increases Your Trading Profits

    In the formative years of my trading career (late '90s), I frequently found myself scratching my head over an interesting problem.

    Despite analyzing the hell out of stock chart patterns, ensuring...
  12. Why You Should Not Worry About A Stock Market Pullback

    Stocks fell hard yesterday (January 13), igniting the usual fears that it's time to sprint for the exit doors and sell all your stocks.

    But just wait! Grab a seat, close your eyes, take a deep...
  13. How Much Volume Is Enough For Trading Stocks & ETFs?

    Have you ever asked yourself, “What should be the minimum volume requirement for the stocks and ETFs I trade?” If so, you’re definitely not alone.

    It’s an important question, yet the answer is not...
  14. How To Trade "Blast Off" Breakout Stocks For Gains of 50% Or More

    On December 31, 2013, we sold our position in Kandi Tech Corp ($KNDI) for a price gain of 60% over a 3-week holding period.

    Scoring a gain of more than 50% on a stock trade of only a few weeks...
  15. Expecting A Santa Claus Rally? Here Are A Few Potential Stocks To Buy

    As we approach Christmas Day, many traders and investors are anticipating a "Santa Claus rally" in the stock market...and with good reason.

    According to a recent Forbes article, the S&P 500 has...
  16. If You’re Seeking The Holy Grail In Trading, Stop Wasting Your Time!

    Many traders, particularly newbies, are on a continual quest to find the holy grail of trading.

    “If I could just find that one perfect trading system, the one that works every time, I’d be rich!”...
  17. Only joking ;-)

    Only joking ;-)
  18. Why Now Is The Time To Play Defense In The NASDAQ

    On September 6, while the NASDAQ Composite was still chopping around in a multi-month range, we wrote an article that listed the top 3 reasons the NASDAQ would soon breakout to a new high.

    In the...
  19. How We Traded The Breakout In Silica Stock For A 43% Gain ($SLCA)

    In July 2013, we bought a breakout in US Silica Holdings ($SLCA). Three months later, we sold the stock for an average share price gain of 43%.

    In this educational trading strategy article, we use...
  20. Wow, judging my skills based on ONE trade. I can...

    Wow, judging my skills based on ONE trade. I can feel the sweat rolling down my face, ha ha.

    First of all, I never base my trades on what I THINK will happen (predictions). Rather, I trade based...
  21. $AAPL - Excellent reminder to always Trade What You See, Not What You Think!

    Bearish engulfing candlestick so far today...

  22. How To Buy The Best Breakout Stocks On A Pullback

    Have you ever prepared to buy a momentum-driven breakout on a stock that formed a great chart pattern (such as a cup and handle), but for whatever reason you missed the entry point on the day the...
  23. How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake Traders Make In A Bull Market

    After the October 17 breakouts to new highs in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite, I got to thinking about bull markets.

    I was pondering over how much traders and investors must be loving and...
  24. 4 Winning Tips For Profitable ETF Trading

    On July 2 of this year, we bought Guggenheim Solar Energy ETF ($TAN) in our swing trading newsletter. Three months later, we sold those shares of $TAN for a cool price gain of 44.3%.

    In this...
  25. How Top Stock Traders Mentally Deal With Sudden Market Reversals

    After suffering a nasty, two-day decline on October 8 and 9, the stock market ripped higher on October 10, closing the day with massive gains of more than 2% across the board.

    Feeling a bit of...
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