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04-27-2004, 09:29 PM
We all know Mr. Market's amazing picks have made money for many of us at no cost. If you're like me you probably have been inundated with offers from dozens of so called experts, who usually forget to tell us of their failures. I'll admit to trying out a few of them at as small a cost as possible usually free trial periods. What I've discovered is they can't pick a stock any better than I can. The only one I'm definitely ahead on is Jim Cramer on a TV comment he made several years ago. He mentioned Vanguard Health Care as a fund with great potential. My wife works in the health care field and we were able to switch a nice amount into that fund. The returns have been great. Never declined much even during the great bear market. Unfortunately her new employer does not allow 403b contributions into Vanguard.
Anybody else have any good experiences with the "great gurus" ? I don't know if we should mention bad results. It might overload this thread. Thanks for your comments.

04-27-2004, 09:45 PM
I have a couple of friends who work in the financial field. One is a money manager. One is a broker. They have independently told me that the best guru is an informed independent investor. Doctors and lawyers go to school to learn their craft. Almost anyone can learn about finance and investing if they are truly interested and take the time to learn.

To answer your query about great gurus. My favorite hands down guru is the great one, the huge one. He shares his acumen for free! What? Yep, for free. I have so much money sitting around the house thanks to MM that I had to buy a barrel to burn it in. After a couple weeks the fire department shut me down. What am I gonna do with this stuff. Bales of cash in the hallway. My wife is pretty upset. Hopefully MM will come up with another pick soon so I can get rid of this mess.


04-28-2004, 01:47 AM
Year 2000 Month March Employer Metz Bakery Time 2:30 PM

My new boss, for the last 30 min., walked up to me and said Welcome to Earthgrains. New man here just smiled and said nothing, and as the day played out I found out that Metz had just been purchased by Earthgrains.
On the clock for thirty min. and already fired and rehired. What a first day.

Earthgrains offered a Employee Stock Purchase Plan and that is basicly where I started my adventure in to investing. Started reading stuff on the Internet and found Yahoo easy to understand so I made a few paper ports. Keep watching my Earthgrains stock and dreaming of making it big some day.

Than in the middle of July in 2002 Earthgrains was purchased by Sara Lee and payed us $40.35 per share and we all were fat dumb and happy. Everybody around the plant had a place to spend this new found gold except me. My wife and I made many plans and decided on a vac. to a place were we would never find ourselves again.

HEDO is the place to be, so we loaded up a few things and off we flew to Jamacia. My lovely wife Gloria, remembered a song Bob Seager sang about Negril and me it was Montago Bay.

So I will have to say I do Agree with what was mantioned in the previous posts. YOU YOU YOU are the smartest grue, its your money, make it at your own rate and spend it on self satisfaction.

I read a book by Peter Lynch back in 2001 that made alot of sence to me then and still haunts me. He said he bought a rock company once becuse you can't move it and nobody wants it. When ever HANS goes by I just set and cry. I look back at all the old paper ports and see couldas, shouldas and why didn't I. KWK 238%=OZRK 263%=SANM160%=HAL=161% AND the kicker is TASER=1,257% ===> MEA